• What We Do

    Tax Return Preparation

    Personal Tax

    Personal Taxes

    Prepare simple to very complicated returns for

    - proprietorship businesses and farmers

    - families and seniors
    - rental income properties

    - employment expenses

    - complex capital gains, T1135, foreign income, pensions, etc.

    - wills and estates

    Click T1 link --> to begin filing your T1 this year

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    Corporate Taxes

    Prepare Corporate Income Tax Returns for owner- managed companies

    - small business corporations with active business income;

    - remuneration tax planning with dividends, salary, income splitting, TOSI rules;

    - investment income, Part IV tax, RDTOH, dividend refunds, capital dividends;

    - tax deferred transactions, rollovers, freezes, share exchanges, windups, etc.


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    Prepare and efile various trust tax returns and T3 slips to beneficiaries

    - Graduated rate estates, spousal trusts, discretionary family and disability trusts, intervivos trusts.


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    Payroll T4

    Prepare and efile calendar year T4s with CRA by February 28


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    Investment Income / Dividend T5s 

    Prepare and efile calendar year T5s with CRA by February 28


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    GST/ HST Returns

    Prepare and efile HST/ GST returns with CRA when required


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    Other Tax Returns 

    Prepare and file any other tax return required by provincial or Federal governments in Canada.

    Experienced with PQ QST, MB, SK and BC PST

    Work with network of US CPAs to meet IRS filing obligations for Canadians with US situs property.