• What We Do

    CRA Audit Support

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    Be Your Representative with CRA

    Understand and explain CRA Notice of reassessment & audit reports to you;


    Explain the difference between CRA letters: pre-and post assessment queries, national projects, "fishing expeditions", random selections, general reviews and audits;


    Explain your rights as a taxpayer and CRA's enforcement stages;


    Help you to prepare documentation to support your filing positions;


    Submit documentation to CRA Trust or Audit Examiners through CRA Represent a Client online portal;


    Agree to host CRA on-site audit meetings at my office, never at your business location;


    Speak with CRA staff on your behalf, present your data objectively;


    Know when to object to CRA on issues (and not to) based on tax law principles and prior Tax court decisions;


    File Notices of Objection and/or Appeals where necessary;


    Prior successful audit, objection and appeal experience working with Toronto Centre, Toronto West and Hamilton Tax Centre Audit Examiners;