• What We Do

    Business Purchases, Sales

    and Family Succession

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    Buying a Business

    Prepare financial projections to determine the optimum deal purchase price and terms;


    Explain the differences for a Buyer between share and asset purchases of existing businesses;


    Recommend financing options, negotiate with potential lenders to maximize your potential for credit approval;

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    Selling a Business

    Prepare scenarios to determine the after tax sale proceeds for a business sale;


    Explain the seller's tax benefits of vendor financed sales and capital gains reserves;


    Identify when sellers and buyers choose asset or share sales, tax impacts and the ideal purchase price. Purification strategies for QSBC treatment on share sales. 


    Supply business brokers, lawyers, and lenders with data required at the due diligence phases of a purchase;


    Review purchase agreements for reasonable terms and conditions for a seller;


    Prepare final tax returns, wind up or amalgamate corporations;


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    Family Succession

    Determine viable options to structure succession from Generation 1 to 2. Estate freezes, share exchanges, rollovers and discretionary family trusts are common options and tools. Prepare 5 - 10 year projections for both G1 and G2.


    Meet with parties to review options, determine best and worst case cash flow options for G1 and G2 with uncertainty over future business results.


    Work with lawyer to prepare necessary agreements for the deal.


    Prepare and file tax returns as needed;