• Burlington Free Tax Preparation Options

    Burlington Public Library and MP office tax clinics are only doing telephone tax preparation in 2021


    If you received covid or other benefits in 2021, it is quite possible that you will owe some tax this year, since there was no tax withheld on some of these payments.

    The filing tax deadline is May 2, 2022 (June 15 for self-employed). If you owe tax and file late, CRA may assign a penalty of 10% of the balance owing (or more).


    Here are some options to consider this year:

  • Tax Clinic Locations

    When Clinic's Reopen

    Eligibility: Simple tax situations, in general,

    Single income under $25,000; $45,000 couple;

    $50,000 family with dependents

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    Free Tax Software

    Here are software vendors with low or no cost options

    to prepare your return online.

    CRA My Account access strongly recommended.