• Last updated: March 23, 2020

    Here are some steps to minimize

    COVID-19's impact on your small business

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    Don't underestimate it for a minute

    This is bigger than a recession. Bigger than 9/11 or SARS. How you and your business respond to this crisis with affect you are your family for years. Take it very seriously.

    From Intuit

    Conserve Cash flow now

    Cease all discretionary spending immediately. Nobody knows how long this will last. Dollars saved are just like dollars earned - don't worry about tax deductibility.

    Read the plan

    Government Help is Available Now

    Read the response plan, determine what you qualify for and apply ASAP.

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    Keep Your Customers

    You may not be open for business, but don't stop communicating with customers. Social media, email, phone calls, whatever. They'll return when you're open for business

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    Be Honest With Employees

    If your employees can work effectively from home, do it.

    If you can afford it, keep paying them.

    They'll appreciate you in the future.

    If you can't afford it, lay them off,

    give them ROEs so they can apply for EI

    Keep them informed by regular email, or video conferencing

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    Work With Your Suppliers

    Let them know if you are open, what you're purchases will be and when you can pay them. Seek extended payment terms and if you succeed, stick to them. 

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    Use CRA My Business Account to access Government Supports

    If you don't have CRA My Business Account access, get it ASAP. Benefits are available faster through online than other methods. Ask your Accountant for help- most now have Represent A Client access to your account already.

    Get setup for direct deposit of all benefits. 

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    File HST returns on time-

    Even if you can't pay

    Gov Can tax filing has extended the income tax filing deadlines, but HST filing and payment deadlines remain the same. Avoid 10% ++ late filing penalties by filing on time. If you don't know your next filing deadline - talk to your accountant fast!

    Paying HST late will result in interest charges at 6% per year

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    Shopify Tips for Online Retailers 

    A link to some excellent suggestions from Shopify for Online and Bricks and Mortar businesses 

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